Antacids & Laxatives


An antacid is a substance that neutralises stomach acidity and relieves acid indigestion, upset stomach, sour stomach & heartburn. Antacids are available over the counter and taken orally to relieve the occasional heartburn.

Range of our products used as Antacids
Sodium Lactate

A laxative (or purgative) is a food, compound, or medication that helps to stimulate bowel movements or loosen up a stool to ease its passage. Laxatives are generally taken orally or suppository in forms when a person has constipation.

Range of products used as Laxatives
Magnesium Hydroxide
What makes Vasa Pharmachem different from the market?

Guidelines for the safe, effective use of antacids and laxatives are presented, with emphasis on the special problems and considerations of their use in the elderly. Our products can be found in countless preparations for the treatment of a huge variety of diseases. All over the globe.