• Mineral salts are very important for the human body to function correctly. In particular, they are a source of cations and trace elements present in very small quantities in the body, but they are essential to cell activity.

The body is not capable of synthesising these minerals. So, the necessary intake is acquired naturally through the foods that we eat. If this does not happen, (due to foods lacking in trace elements, deficiency or poor assimilation) then medicinal intake is effective for avoiding some complications or illnesses. The mineral is combined with an organic radical. Its bio-availability and therefore assimilation are thus improved compared to classic inorganic compounds.

Mineral Salts used for different Pharmaceutical applications
Medicinal Psychotherapy Application
Lithium Carbonate Lithium Citrate Lithium Gluconate
What makes Vasa Pharmachem different from the market?

We understand the importance of minerals in the human body and to fulfil these requirements, we produce an extensive range of products that suit the individual customer’s specifications. Our products can be found in countless preparations for the treatment of a huge variety of diseases.