Research & Development

Research & Development

Innovating new things always excites us and that’s our power and strength. Our innovation has helped us to enrich our capabilities and deliver research activities & studies that facilitate the introduction of innovative products into the international market. With decade-long track records, we have been delivering lasting value to our consumers. Innovative product development strategies and processes.

Lesser product development time, enabling quicker market reach

New Product Development

Continual Product Quality Improvisation

Continual Cost Reduction

Process Cycle Reduction

Environment Preservation & Safety

Fully Equipped Pilot Plant (up to 50kg)

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Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning and here are some of our achievements:

Regulatory Support

Delivering the best regulatory compliant products

Beyond manufacturing, we stand by our clients and simply their compliance measures. Having had long experience of delivering a solution that meets various regulatory requirements, including 17 Products having USDMF registration, we are adept to deliver the following regulatory support:

Our quality ensures our products are free of


Environment & Health Safety

At Vasa Pharmachem, we are committed to safeguarding the environment. We adhere to a scientifically defined EHS management system that ensures a safe and healthy work atmosphere & environment. At work, we practice the green philosophy for progress. And we have adopted a zero discharge philosophy for minimal impact on the already sensitive natural fabric. We also ensure minimal and smart usage of natural resources. As a governance policy, we encourage our employees to conserve paper, water, energy, and fuel at work and home. And we also participate in every initiative to conserve and enrich nature.


We customise to empower and enhance your production

To deliver better convenience and to expedite your production, we customise our offerings that exactly suit your needs. Our customization initiatives help us to deliver solutions in;

Quality Assurance

Vasa Pharmachem believes in being constant with providing the best quality. And that’s why we have complete Quality Management and Production Management systems through the Quality Control department that strictly follow cGMP standards and In-house quality standards.

Test and Retest are carried out on the facility equipment and production methods. The QMS of Vasa Pharmachem ensures high-quality standards.
Internal checks are conducted regularly to ensure constant improvement. And this is ensuring the quality and safety of the product.

With due consideration of the status of science and technology as well as the current requirements on the field of pharmacopeia and GMP Directives, the inspections take place in conformance with the certification documentation. Inspections are carried out on qualified devices using validated methods. Raw data of the system is recorded without gaps. And it ensures that the raw data, test reports, and other related material are archived.

Quality Control

We stand for quality, We are quality and Quality in everything we do.

Quality has been one of the vital aspects that have helped us distinguish ourselves. With scientifically defined management systems, we ensure that the only best quality of products leaves our manufacturing facilities.

Our quality initiatives are managed by a team of expert professionals. They are backed by technology and robust management systems. The various global accreditations only reinforce our commitment to quality. To foster trust further, we encourage facility audits for all of our prospective customers.

Quality Initiatives at a glimpse